Remove leading and trailing white space from string


S = strtrim(str)
C = strtrim(cstr)


S = strtrim(str) returns a copy of string str with all leading and trailing white-space characters removed. A white-space character is one for which the isspace function returns logical 1 (true).

C = strtrim(cstr) returns a copy of the cell array of strings cstr with all leading and trailing white-space characters removed from each string in the cell array.


Remove the leading white-space characters (spaces and tabs) from str:

str = sprintf('  \t   Remove    leading white-space')
str =
        Remove    leading white-space

str = strtrim(str)
str =
Remove    leading white-space

Remove leading and trailing white-space from the cell array of strings:

cstr = {'     Trim leading white-space';
        'Trim trailing white-space     '};

cstr = strtrim(cstr)
cstr = 
    'Trim leading white-space'
    'Trim trailing white-space'

Introduced before R2006a

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