Construct event object for timeseries object


e = tsdata.event(Name,Time)
e = tsdata.event(Name,Time,'Datenum')


e = tsdata.event(Name,Time) creates an event object with the specified Name that occurs at the time Time. Time can either be a real value or a date string.

e = tsdata.event(Name,Time,'Datenum') uses 'Datenum' to indicate that the Time value is a serial date number generated by the datenum function. The Time value is converted to a date string after the event is created.

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You add events by using the addevent method.

Fields of the tsdata.event object include the following:

  • EventData — MATLAB® array that stores any user-defined information about the event

  • Name — String that specifies the name of the event

  • Time — Time value when this event occurs, specified as a real number

  • Units — Time units

  • StartDate — A reference date, specified in MATLAB datestr format. StartDate is empty when you have a numerical (non-date-string) time vector.

Introduced before R2006a

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