Open folder selection dialog box


folder_name = uigetdir
folder_name = uigetdir(start_path)
folder_name = uigetdir(start_path,dialog_title)


folder_name = uigetdir displays a modal dialog box showing the folders that are inside the current working directory. This dialog allows you to navigate to a folder and select it (or type the name of a folder). If the folder you specify exists, uigetdir returns the selected path when you click OK. If you click Cancel (or the window's close box), uigetdir returns 0.

folder_name = uigetdir(start_path) shows the folders that are inside the folder, start_path. If start_path is an empty string ('') or is not a valid path, the dialog box opens in the current working directory.

folder_name = uigetdir(start_path,dialog_title) opens a dialog box with the title, dialog_title. The default dialog_title is Select folder to Open.

    Note:   The visual characteristics of the dialog box depend on the operating system that is running MATLAB®.


The following statement displays directories on the C: drive.

dname = uigetdir('C:\');

This statement uses matlabroot to display the MATLAB root folder in the dialog box:

uigetdir(matlabroot,'MATLAB Root Directory')

Introduced before R2006a

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