Check validity of text string


validStr = validatestring(str,validStrings)
validStr = validatestring(str,validStrings,argIndex)
validStr = validatestring(str,validStrings,funcName)
validStr = validatestring(str,validStrings,funcName,varName)
validStr = validatestring(str,validStrings,funcName,varName,argIndex)


validStr = validatestring(str,validStrings) checks the validity of text string str. If str is an unambiguous, case-insensitive match to a string in cell array validStrings, the validatestring function returns the matching string in validstr. Otherwise, MATLAB® throws an error and issues a formatted error message.

validStr = validatestring(str,validStrings,argIndex) includes the position of the input in your function argument list as part of any generated error messages.

validStr = validatestring(str,validStrings,funcName) includes the specified function name in generated error identifiers.

validStr = validatestring(str,validStrings,funcName,varName) includes the specified variable name in generated error messages.

validStr = validatestring(str,validStrings,funcName,varName,argIndex) includes the specified information in generated error messages or identifiers.

Input Arguments


String to validate, of type char.


Cell array of allowed strings.


String that specifies the name of the function whose input you are validating. If you specify an empty string, '', the validatestring function ignores the funcname input.


String that specifies the name of the input variable. If you specify an empty string, '', the validatstring function ignores the varName input.


Positive integer that specifies the position of the input argument.

Output Arguments


String that contains the element of validStrings that is an unambiguous, case-insensitive match to str.

Example — Match 'ball' with . . .Return ValueType of Match
ball, barn, bellballExact match
balloon, barnballoonPartial match (leading characters)
ballo, balloo, balloonballo (shortest match)Multiple partial matches where each string is a subset of another
balloon, balletErrorMultiple partial matches to unique strings
barn, bellErrorNo match


Check whether a string is in a set of valid values.

str = 'won';
validStrings = {'wind','wonder','when'};

validStr = validatestring(str,validStrings)

Because str is a partial match to a unique string, this code returns

validStr =

However, if str is a partial match to multiple strings, and the strings are not subsets of each other, validatestring throws an error and displays a formatted message.

str = 'won';
validStrings = {'wonder','wondrous','wonderful'};

validStr = validatestring(str,validStrings)

The error message is

Expected argument to match one of these strings:

  wonder, wondrous, wonderful

The input, 'won', matched more than one valid string.

Check inputs to a custom function, and include information about the input name and position in generated errors.

function a = findArea(shape,ht,wd,units)
   a = 0;
   expectedShapes = {'square','rectangle','triangle'};
   expectedUnits = {'cm','m','in','ft','yds'};

   shapeName = validatestring(shape,expectedShapes,mfilename,'Shape',1)
   unitAbbrev = validatestring(units,expectedUnits,mfilename,'Units',4)

When you call the function with valid input strings,

myarea = findArea('rect',10,3,'cm')

the function stores the inputs in local variables shapeName and unitAbbrev:

shapeName =

unitAbbrev =

However, if the inputs are not valid, such as

myarea = findArea('circle',10,3,'cm')

MATLAB displays

Error using findArea
Expected argument 1, Shape, to match one of these strings:

  square, rectangle, triangle

The input, 'circle', did not match any of the valid strings.

The function name is part of the error identifier, so



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