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Use MATLAB Drive

Work with your MATLAB® files from anywhere, and share them with others

Manage your content on MATLAB Drive™. Access, store, and delete files from MATLAB Online™, MATLAB Mobile™, and any computer running MATLAB Drive Connector. With MATLAB Drive online, you can also share content with others and restore deleted content.


matlabdriveRoot folder of MATLAB Drive


Access Files

Access your MATLAB Drive files from anywhere.

Add Files

Use MATLAB Drive to share files in any location.

Restore Deleted Files

Restore content that was deleted from your MATLAB Drive.

Share and Collaborate

Share content and collaborate with others in MATLAB Drive online.

Manage File Conflicts and Update Issues

How to correct file conflicts and issues that affect file updates.

Start and Stop MATLAB Drive Connector

Start and stop the MATLAB Drive Connector and pause syncing.

View MATLAB Drive Connector Status and Notifications

View file status and notifications in the MATLAB Drive Connector.