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Install MATLAB Drive Connector

MATLAB® Drive™ Connector provides an easy method for managing your MATLAB Drive files on your local computer. With the Connector, files are synchronized automatically between MATLAB Drive online and your local MATLAB Drive when you have the Connector running.

Install and Set Up Connector

Step 1. Start Installer

To install MATLAB Drive Connector, select one of the following methods:

  • From within MATLAB, click the MATLAB Drive button to start the Connector installer.

    If the MATLAB Drive button is not visible on your toolbar, follow these steps to enable it:

    1. Go to Preferences > MATLAB > Toolbars.

    2. At the Toolbar field, select Current Folder from the drop down menu.

    3. Check Access MATLAB Drive files on this computer so that it is enabled.

    4. Click Apply, and then click OK to exit.

  • Go to the Connector download page. Select Install for Windows, Install for Mac, or Install for Linux to begin your download.This workflow does not require you to install MATLAB.

Step 2. Confirm Settings

When setup is complete, confirm your MATLAB Drive settings. To change any of your selections, click Back. To complete setup and synchronize your MATLAB Drive files between your computers and online accounts, click Finish.

MATLAB Drive is ready for use on this computer. See Access Files for instructions on accessing MATLAB Drive.

Uninstall MATLAB Drive Connector

Operating SystemInstructions
  1. Exit MATLAB Drive Connector.

  2. Go to the Control Panel, and select Programs > Uninstall a program.

  1. Exit MATLAB Drive Connector.

  2. Open a Terminal window.

  3. Navigate to the MATLAB Drive Connector installation folder:

    cd ~/Library/Application Support/MathWorks/MATLABConnector/v<VERSION>

    VERSION is the MATLAB Drive Connector version, which you can find under Settings in the Connector; for example,

  4. Uninstall the Connector:

    1. Run the uninstaller:


      IDENTIFIER is a random string MATLAB Drive Connector generated at installation to identify your computer.

    2. Remove the app:

      rm -fr <IDENTIFIER>.app
  1. Exit MATLAB Drive Connector.

  2. In your system file explorer, navigate to ~/.MATLABConnector/v<VERSION>/<HOSTNAME>/bin/glnxa64.

    Where VERSION is the MATLAB Drive Connector version, which you can find under Settings in the Connector. HOSTNAME is the computer host name.

  3. Run mlcpreuninstall from that location.

  4. In your system file explorer, navigate to ~/.MATLABConnector/v<VERSION> and delete <HOSTNAME>.

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