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Invite Students to a Course

Student Course Invitations

After you finish adding assignments and problems to a course, you’re ready to invite students to enroll in the course. After students accept an invitation, they can view the active assignments and published problems in the course. They cannot add, delete, or modify anything in the course.

A course invitation contains a link that allows the recipient to enroll in the course. When the recipient clicks this link, MATLAB® Grader™ opens the main page for the course. If students are not currently logged in to MATLAB Grader when they enroll in the course, MATLAB Grader prompts them to log in using their MathWorks® Account email address and password.

After a student enrolls in a course, the link expires, preventing uninvited guests from accessing the course

Sample Student Course Invitation

A student course invitation looks similar to this:

Send Student Invitations

To invite students to enroll in a course:

  1. From your MATLAB Grader home page, select the course you want to invite learners to.

  2. Click Actions and then Manage People.

  3. In the Invite list, select Student.

  4. Enter the email addresses of people you want to invite to the course. Separate each email address with a comma. For example:,

  5. Click Send.

    If the invitations were sent without any issues, you will see a "Successfully invited!" message.

    MATLAB Grader displays the status of your invitations.

Manage Student Enrollment

After you send invitations to students, click People to display a list of the people who received invitations and the status of their enrollment. Each course has its own enrollment list. Use this list to monitor and manage enrollment in a course.

To access the enrollment list for a course:

  1. From your MATLAB Grader home page, select a course.

  2. Click Actions and then Manage People.

    You can...Notes
    View the status of your invitations.

    • A student name that is a hyperlink indicates that the student is enrolled in the course.

    • The status Pending indicates that the invitation is in the process of being sent by MATLAB Grader.

    • The status Invited indicates that the student has not yet enrolled in the class after receiving an invitation.

    Refine the display to show all students or students with pending invitations only.

    Select an option to display only students with pending invitations or all students (enrolled and invited).

    Invite additional students.

    Click Invite Students to send additional invitations to the course.

    Resend an invitation to one or more students.

    MATLAB Grader uses the original email address that you provided for the student when it resends the invitation.

    Delete one or more students.Deleting a student deletes all course content and comments associated with that student.

Resend Invitations

To resend an invitation:

  1. From within a course, click People and select one or more students.

  2. Click Resend.

    MATLAB Grader uses the previously entered addresses for the selected students and sends new email invitations.

Delete Students

Deleting a student from a course deletes the student profile and any problem solutions and comments that the student entered. To delete students:

  1. From within a course, click People and select one or more students.

  2. Click Delete.

  3. Click OK to confirm that you want to delete the selected students.

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