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Score and Rescore Solutions

Score Solutions

When a learner submits a solution, MATLAB® Grader™ uses your assessments to evaluate the solution. If the solution passes all the assessment conditions, the solution is marked as correct. If the solution fails one or more of the assessment conditions, it is marked as incorrect.

You might decide to change or add assessments after learners start submitting solutions to a problem. For example, a learner could identify an error in one of your tests and you edit the assessment to correct the condition.

To ensure that problems have the correct score based on the revised tests, use the rescore option to reevaluate submitted solutions.

Rescore Solutions

You can rescore all solutions for a problem or just one solution.

  • To rescore all submitted solutions for a problem:

    1. Go to a Problem page.

    2. Click Learner Solutions.

    3. Click Actions and then select Rescore Solutions from the context menu.

    4. Select Rescore Solutions.

    Depending on the number of solutions that require rescoring, the rescoring process can take several minutes or a few hours.

  • To rescore one solution only:

    1. Go to a Problem page and click Learner Solutions.

    2. Click on the ID or the title of the solution you want to rescore.

    3. Next to Solution Details, click Rescore Solution.

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