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View Your Progress

You can view your progress in a course by looking at an Assignment, Problem, or Solution page.

View Problem Status

To view your overall progress for each problem in an assignment, go to the Assignment page. This page lists each problem in the assignment and its current state:

  • image shows a green check mark (Solved) — You submitted one or more solutions that passed all of the conditions in the assessments for this problem.

  • image shows a red x (In progress) — You submitted one or more solutions, but none are correct.

  • No status icon indicates that you have not submitted any solutions.

Image shows a list of problems and test results

You can also view the assessment results status on a Problem page or a Solution page.

View Progress on the Solution Map

The Solution Map on a Solution page presents a visual display of everyone’s progress with solving a specific problem. It shows the number of solutions submitted and whether a learner solved the problem.

The Solution Map plots solutions as points against two axes: order of arrival (horizontally) and code size (vertically). Your correct solutions are green circles. Your incorrect solutions are shown with a red X. Gray markers indicate solutions that other learners submitted. While you cannot view solutions from other learners, you can use the Solution Map to compare your progress with other learners taking the course.

To view the Solution Map:

  1. Go to a Problem page.

    The Problem page contains a static view of the Solution Map.

  2. Click anywhere in the Solution Map to open the interactive view.

  3. In the interactive view, click any colored solution marker to display your solution. Gray solution markers indicate solutions that other learners submitted. You cannot view these solutions.

To use the Solution Map:

To...Do this:
Zoom inClick and drag the cursor, drawing a rectangle over the map area.
Reset the viewDouble-click the map area.
Display a specific solutionClick a green circle or red X.
Browse your solutionsAfter selecting a solution in the Solution Map, click the arrow keys to see the previous and next solutions.

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