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MATLAB Production Server Functions - By Category

Alphabetical List By Category

Deployable Archive Creation

productionServerCompilerTest, build and package functions for use with MATLAB Production Server
mccCompile MATLAB functions for deployment
deploytoolCompile and package functions for external deployment
mps.cache.controlCreate a persistence service controller object
startStart a persistence service and attach it a to MATLAB session
stopStop a persistence service and detach it from a MATLAB session
restartRestart a persistence service and attach it to a MATLAB session
attachConnect a MATLAB session to a persistence service that is already running
detachDisconnect MATLAB session from a persistence service that is already running
pingTest whether the persistence service is reachable
versionVersion number for persistence provider
mps.cache.connectConnect to cache, or create a cache if it doesn't exist
bytesReturn the number of bytes of storage used by value stored at each key
clearRemove all keys and values from cache
flushWrite all locally modified keys to the persistence service
getFetch values of keys from cache
getpGet the value of a public cache property
isKeyDetermine if the cache contains specified keys
keysGet all keys from cache
lengthNumber of key-value pairs in the data cache
purgeFlush all local data to the persistence service
putWrite key-value pairs to cache
removeRemove keys from cache
retainStore remote keys from cache locally or return locally stored keys
mps.sync.mutexCreate a persistence service mutex
acquireAcquire advisory lock on persistence service mutex
ownCheck ownership of advisory lock on a persistence service mutex object
releaseRelease advisory lock on persistence service mutex
mps.cache.ControllerManage the life cycle of a persistence service in a MATLAB testing environment
mps.cache.DataCacheRepresent cache concept in MATLAB code
mps.sync.TimedRedisMutexRepresent a Redis persistence service mutex
mps.sync.TimedMATFileMutexRepresent a MAT-file persistence service mutex

Client Programming

Python Client Programming

matlab.production_server.client.MWHttpClientPython object encapsulating a connection to a MATLAB Production Server instance