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MATLAB Production Server Properties - By Category

Alphabetical List By Category

Server Management

Server Management at the Command Line

Core Management Tasks

httpURL that server instance uses for insecure connections
http-linger-thresholdAmount of data the server instance discards after an HTTP error and before the server instance closes the TCP connection
mcr-rootLocation of a MATLAB Runtime installation
auto-deploy-rootFolder the server instance scans for deployable archives
extract-rootRoot folder used to store contents of deployed archives
num-workersMaximum number of workers allowed to process work simultaneously
worker-restart-intervalTime interval at which a server instance stops and restarts its workers
worker-restart-memory-limitSize threshold at which to consider restarting a worker
worker-restart-memory-limit-intervalInterval for which a worker can exceed its memory limit before restart
worker-memory-check-intervalInterval at which workers are polled for memory usage
cors-allowed-originsSpecify the domain origins from which clients are allowed to make requests to the server
request-timeoutDuration after which the request times out and gets deleted after reaching a terminal state
response-archive-rootPath to location where responses are archived
response-archive-limitMaximum disk space available to the server process for archiving
server-memory-thresholdSize threshold of server process at which action needs to be taken to manage responses
server-memory-threshold-overflow-actionAction to be taken when memory size threshold of server process has been breached
request-size-limitSet the maximum size of a request
use-single-comp-threadStart MATLAB Runtime with a single computational thread
num-threadsNumber of request-processing threads within the server instance
disable-control-cDisable keyboard interruptions for server instance
user-dataAssociate MATLAB data value with string key

License Management

licenseLocations searched for valid licenses
license-grace-periodMaximum length of time the server instance responds to HTTP requests after license server heartbeat has been lost
license-poll-intervalInterval of time before license server is polled to verify and check out a valid license after the grace period expires


httpsURL that server instance uses for secure connections
ssl-allowed-clientMATLAB programs a client can access
ssl-ciphersList of cipher suites to use
ssl-tmp-ec-paramElliptical curve used in ECDHE ciphers
ssl-protocolsList of allowed SSL protocols
ssl-tmp-dh-paramFile containing a pregenerated ephemeral DH key
ssl-verify-peer-modeLevel of client verification the server instance requires
x509-ca-file-storeFile containing the server certificate authority file
x509-cert-chainFile containing the server certificate chain
x509-passphraseFile containing the passphrase that decodes the private key
x509-private-keyFile containing the PEM formatted private key
x509-use-crlUse the certificate revocation list
x509-use-system-storeUse the CA store provided by the system
access-control-providerIdentity management service provider name
access-control-configPath to the identity management service provider configuration file
access-control-policyPath to the access control policy file


endpoint-rootFolder used to store server named endpoints
hide-matlab-error-stackHide the MATLAB stack from the clients
log-archive-max-sizeMaximum size of the log archive folder
log-archive-rootPath to the folder containing archived log files
log-rootPath to the log file folder
log-rotation-sizeSize at which the log is archived
log-severitySeverity at which messages are logged
log-handlerAdd custom log handler
pid-rootFolder used to store PID files
profileTurn profiling on or off