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Start a server instance


mps-start [-C [path/]server_name] [-f]


mps-start [-C [path/]server_name] [-f] starts a server instance

Input Arguments

-C path/

Specify a path to the server instance. If this option is omitted, the current working folder and its parents are searched to find the server instance.


Name of the server to be started.


Force success even if the server instance is currently running. Starting a running server instance is considered an error.


Start a server instance named server_1, located in folder tmp. Force successful completion of mps-start.

mps-start -f -C /tmp/server_1


  • After issuing mps-start, issue the mps-status command to verify the server instance has STARTED.

  • If you are starting a server instance in the current working folder, you do not need to specify a full path. Only specify the server name.

Introduced in R2012b