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Number of request-processing threads within the server instance


--num-threads count


num-threads sets the size of the thread pool available to process requests. Server instances do not allocate a unique thread to each client connection. Rather, when data is available on a connection, the required processing is scheduled on the pool of threads in the main server process.

The threads in this pool do not directly evaluate MATLAB® functions. There is a single thread within each worker process that executes MATLAB code on behalf of the client.

Set this parameter to 1, and increase it only if the expected load consists of a high volume of short-running requests. This strategy ensures that the available processor resources are balanced between MATLAB function evaluation and processing client-server requests. There is usually no benefit to increasing this parameter to more than the number of available cores.



Number of threads available in the thread pool.

This value must be one or greater.


Create a pool of 10 threads for processing requests.

--num-threads 10