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OPC data access part of quality ID


[MajorStr,SubStr,LimitStr] = opc.daQualityString(IDs)


[MajorStr,SubStr,LimitStr] = opc.daQualityString(IDs) converts the data access (DA) portion of the OPC quality attribute in IDs to the major quality text MajorStr, substatus text SubStr, and limit text LimitStr.

If IDs is a vector, each of MajorStr, SubStr, and LimitStr is a cell array the same size as IDs.


Load the OPC HDA example data file and find the qualities of the time stamp union of hdaDataSmall:

load opcSampleHdaData;
newObj = tsunion(hdaDataSmall);
[majorStr, subStr, limitStr] = opc.daQualityString(newObj.Quality);

Introduced in R2011a