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Event information for OPC Toolbox callbacks




opccallback(Obj,Event) displays a message in the MATLAB® Command Window that contains information about an OPC Toolbox™ event. The message includes the type of event, the time the event occurred, and the related data for that event.

Obj is the object associated with the event. Event is a structure that contains the Type and Data fields. Type is the event type. Data is a structure containing event-specific information.

opccallback is an example callback function. Use this callback function as a template for writing your own callback function. By default, @opccallback is the value for the ReadAsyncFcn, WriteAsyncFcn, and CancelAsyncFcn properties of a dagroup object, and for the ErrorFcn and ShutDownFcn properties of an opcda object.

Introduced before R2006a