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Callback function file to execute when RecordsAcquired event occurs


You configure RecordsAcquiredFcn to execute a callback function file when a records acquired event is generated. A records acquired event is generated each time the RecordsAcquired property reaches a multiple of RecordsAcquiredFcnCount.

When a records acquired event occurs, the function specified in RecordsAcquiredFcn is passed two parameters: Obj and EventInfo. Obj is the object associated with the event, and EventInfo is an event structure containing the fields Type and Data. The Type field is set to 'RecordsAcquired'. The Data field contains a structure with the fields defined below.

Field Name



The time, as a MATLAB® date vector, that the event occurred


The group name


The number of records acquired in the current logging session at the time the event occurred

Records acquired event information is not stored in the EventLog property.




Applies to


Data type

character vector, function handle, or cell array


The default value is an empty matrix ([]).