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Optimization Toolbox Functions - Alphabetical List

Alphabetical List By Category
evaluateEvaluate optimization expression
fgoalattainSolve multiobjective goal attainment problems
findindexFind numeric index equivalents of named index variables
fminbndFind minimum of single-variable function on fixed interval
fminconFind minimum of constrained nonlinear multivariable function
fminimaxSolve minimax constraint problem
fminsearchFind minimum of unconstrained multivariable function using derivative-free method
fminuncFind minimum of unconstrained multivariable function
fseminfFind minimum of semi-infinitely constrained multivariable nonlinear function
fsolveSolve system of nonlinear equations
fzeroRoot of nonlinear function
infeasibilityConstraint violation at a point
intlinprogMixed-integer linear programming (MILP)
linprogSolve linear programming problems
lsqcurvefitSolve nonlinear curve-fitting (data-fitting) problems in least-squares sense
lsqlinSolve constrained linear least-squares problems
lsqnonlinSolve nonlinear least-squares (nonlinear data-fitting) problems
lsqnonnegSolve nonnegative linear least-squares problem
mapSolutionCreate optimization solution structure from solver outputs
mldivide, \Solve systems of linear equations Ax = B for x
mpsreadRead MPS file for LP and MILP optimization data
optimconstrCreate empty optimization constraint array
optimexprCreate empty optimization expression array
optimgetOptimization options values
OptimizationConstraintOptimization constraints
OptimizationExpressionObjective function or constraints
OptimizationProblemOptimization problem
OptimizationVariableVariable for optimization
optimoptionsCreate optimization options
optimproblemCreate optimization problem
optimsetCreate or edit optimization options structure
optimtoolSelect solver and optimization options, run problems
optimvarCreate optimization variables
prob2structConvert optimization problem to solver form
quadprogQuadratic programming
resetoptionsReset options
showboundsDisplay variable bounds
showconstrDisplay optimization constraint
showexprDisplay optimization expression
showproblemDisplay optimization problem
showvarDisplay optimization variable
solveSolve optimization problem
writeboundsSave description of variable bounds
writeconstrSave optimization constraint description
writeexprSave optimization expression description
writeproblemSave optimization problem description
writevarSave optimization variable description