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Write Constraints

Provide bounds, linear constraints, and nonlinear constraints


Write Constraints

Types of Constraints

Choose the most appropriate form for your constraints.

Iterations Can Violate Constraints

Considerations for constrained problems.

Bound Constraints

How to write constraints for individual components.

Linear Constraints

Include constraints that can be expressed as matrix inequalities or equalities.

Nonlinear Constraints

How to include general inequality and equality constraints.

Or Instead of And Constraints

Optimize when only one constraint of a set is necessary.

Objective and Nonlinear Constraints in the Same Function

Save function evaluations, typically useful in simulations.

How to Use All Types of Constraints

Example showing all constraints.

Pass Extra Parameters

Passing Extra Parameters

Including extra parameters or data in your objective or nonlinear constraint functions.

Constraint Argument Details

Matrix Arguments

Handling multidimensional arguments.