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Use Parallel Computing Toolbox with Cloud Center Cluster in MATLAB Online

You can run parallel code in MATLAB® Online™. To access MATLAB Online, follow this link:

To use Parallel Computing Toolbox™ functionality in MATLAB Online, you must have access to a Cloud Center cluster. You can:

  • Create a cloud cluster. For more information, see Create Cloud Cluster.

  • Discover an existing cluster. For more information, see Discover Clusters. You can only discover Cloud Center clusters in your MathWorks® Account.

  • Import a cloud cluster profile. For more information, see Import and Export Cluster Profiles. Note that if the profile is not in your MATLAB Drive™, you must upload it first. On the Home tab, in the File area, click Upload.


The local profile is not supported in MATLAB Online.

After you set up a cloud cluster, you can use parallel language functions, such as parfor or parfeval. Note that if you do not have any clusters set up, then parallel functions that require a parallel pool run in serial or throw an error.

Some differences with MATLAB Desktop include the following.

  • The parallel status indicator is not visible by default. You must start a parallel pool first by using parpool or any function that automatically start a parallel pool.

  • mpiprofile viewer is not supported in MATLAB Online.

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