Automotive Radar

Apply radar and phased array signal processing to enhance automotive safety and simulate autonomous vehicles

These examples present some of the applications of the toolbox to automotive simulations.

  • Model an automotive adaptive cruise control system using frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) signals. Estimate range and Doppler of a moving vehicle.

  • Improve angular resolution of a vehicle-borne radar using MIMO processing.

  • Model a 77 GHz 2x4 antenna array for FMCW radar applications. This example uses Antenna Toolbox™.

  • Simulate radar hardware, signal processing, and a propagation environment for a driving scenario. Model the vehicle motion and track the synthetic vehicle detections using Automated Driving Toolbox™.

  • Compare the performance of different waveforms used for simultaneous range and speed estimation for multiple targets in an advanced driver assistance system.

Featured Examples