Analog and digital sensors, such as proximity sensors, thermistors, shaft encoders

Simscape Blocks

AccelerometerBehavioral model of MEMS accelerometer
GyroBehavioral model of MEMS gyro
Incremental Shaft EncoderModel device that converts information about angular shaft position into electrical pulses
Light-Emitting DiodeModel light-emitting diode as exponential diode and current sensor in series
PhotodiodeModel photodiode as parallel controlled current source and exponential diode
Power SensorMeasure instantaneous or cycle-average power
Pressure TransducerModel generic pressure transducer that turns pressure measurement into voltage
Proximity SensorModel simple distance sensor
PS SensorModel generic linear sensor
PTC ThermistorModel switching type positive temperature coefficient (PTC) thermistor
ResolverModel rotary transformer that measures motor rotation angle
Strain GaugeModel deformation sensor
ThermistorModel NTC thermistor using B-parameter equation
ThermocoupleModel sensor that converts thermal potential difference into electrical potential difference


Parameterizing Blocks from Datasheets

Overview of techniques used to specify block parameters to match the data found on manufacturer datasheets.

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