Simscape Fluids Applications

Simscape™ Fluids™ software enables you to model a variety of thermal and isothermal liquid systems. Key application areas include fluid transport, power generation, as well as heating and cooling. Simscape Fluids blocks are organized within the following libraries:

  • Isothermal Liquid: Model adiabatic liquid systems. This library is based on mass flow rates and uniformly accounts for density as a function of pressure.

  • Hydraulic (Isothermal Liquid): Model adiabatic liquid systems. This library is based on volumetric flow rates.

  • Thermal Liquid: Model liquid systems with varying temperatures, including convective and conductive heat transfer. The fluid properties are functions of pressure and temperature.

  • Fluid Network Interfaces: Model heat exchange and physical interactions between different liquid networks.

  • Gas: Model a perfect, semiperfect, or real gas system.

  • Two-Phase Fluids: Model systems where the working fluid may be both a liquid and a vapor.

  • Moist Air: Model air-based systems with water vapor present.