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Driveline Actuation

How Simscape™ Driveline™ solves both the forward and inverse dynamics of torques, forces, and motion

To determine the motion that occurs when torques and forces are applied to inertias and masses, Simscape Driveline uses component connections and defining equations. However, a simulation can also accept motions imposed on a driveline and solve for the torques and forces to produce those motions. In general, a driveline simulation is a mixture of these two requirements, solving dynamics that are both forward (torque- and force-to-motion) and inverse (motion-to-torque and to-force). Imposed motions and applied torques and forces are forms of mechanical actuation.


Best Practices for Modeling Torque-Force Actuation and Motion Actuation

Learn how torque-force and motion actuation types complement one another to account consistently for the motion of all the DoFs.

Actuate a Driveline Using Torques and Forces

Learn about options for applying torques and forces to a driveshaft.

Actuate a Driveline Using Motions

Learn about options for applying a motion directly to a driveshaft.

Set Initial Conditions of Driveline Motion

Learn about setting initial conditions for rotational and translational motion.