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Frictional and Thermal Losses

Loss effects in models with gears, brakes, and clutches

Coulomb and viscous friction losses yield inefficiencies, which can prevent your design from meeting system requirements. In addition to yielding inefficiencies, thermal overloads can damage physical hardware and equipment. To determine the physical, lubrication, and cooling requirements for avoiding such losses and overloads, simulate the effects of friction and heat transfer in your model.


Specialized and Customized Driveline Components

Increase model fidelity using custom Simscape™ Driveline™ components.

Clutches, Clutch-Like Elements, and Coulomb Friction

Learn how clutch-like elements can act as dynamic elements or conditional restraints.

Model Clutches with Viscous Friction Loss

Model viscous friction using subsystems that act at shaft bearings.

Model Gears with Losses

Model frictional losses in gear couplings.

Constant and Load-Dependent Gear Efficiencies

Model power loss due to nonideal gear meshing.

Model Thermal Losses in Driveline Components

Evaluate the effects of thermal losses on device temperature and performance.