Model and simulate one-dimensional mechanical systems

SimDriveline™ provides component libraries for modeling and simulating one-dimensional mechanical systems. It includes models of rotational and translational components, such as worm gears, planetary gears, lead screws, and clutches. You can use these components to model the transmission of mechanical power in helicopter drivetrains, industrial machinery, vehicle powertrains, and other applications. Automotive components, such as engines, tires, transmissions, and torque converters, are also included. SimDriveline models can be converted into C code for real-time testing of controller hardware.

Brakes and Detents

Limit, slow, and stop motion with rotational or translational friction and detents


Couple driveline axes with Coulomb friction

Couplings and Drives

Dynamically transfer torques and motions


Represent engines as sources of driveline motion


Couple simple and complex motions


Measure rotational and translational parameters in driveline components

Tires and Vehicles

Represent full vehicle components, such as tires and vehicle body

Driveline Simulation

Improve simulation performance, troubleshoot simulation errors

First Generation SimDriveline Models

Maintain legacy models, migrate first-generation models to SimDriveline Second Generation