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Power Transmission Using Pulley Networks

Best practices for modelling Simscape™ Driveline™ pulley systems

The Simscape Driveline Couplings and Drives library includes pulley blocks that allow you to transmit power. The Belt Pulley block represents a simple belt-driven friction pulley. The Belt Drive block combines two Belt Pulley blocks that you can configure as an open or crossed belt system. You can model a simple hoist using the Belt Pulley. To model more complex mechanisms, combine several pulley blocks with tensioners, which you build using springs and dampers. Build high-fidelity models by including other Simscape and Simscape Driveline blocks.

Simscape Blocks

Belt DrivePower transmission system with taut belt connecting two pulleys
Belt PulleyPower transmission element with frictional belt wrapped around pulley circumference


Best Practices for Modeling Pulley Networks

Lean about belt direction and using tensioners and inertias in pulley networks.

Troubleshoot Pulley Network Issues

Learn how to solve initialization and motion issues in pulley networks.