Pneumatic Motor and Directional Control Valve

This model shows the pneumatic vane motor, as defined in the Pneumatic Motor model (ssc_pneumatic_motor), deployed in a typical pneumatic circuit. The directional valve is initially moved to its maximum positive displacement, and the motor spins up in a positive direction against the friction load. The valve is then centered causing the motor to brake back to zero rpm. The valve then moves to its maximum negative displacement and the motor direction is reversed.

To eliminate transient at the start of simulation, this model can be started from steady state. Select "Start Simulation from Steady State" in the Solver Configuration block to start from steady state.

This model can be used to get an idea of how the valve size affects available motor power and maximum speed. It can also be used to support closed-loop controller design.


Directional 4-Way Valve Subsystem

Pipe A Subsystem

Simulation Results from Scopes

Simulation Results from Simscape Logging

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