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Simscape Functions - By Category

Alphabetical List By Category

Physical Modeling

Two-Phase Fluid Models


twoPhaseFluidTablesGenerate fluid property tables from REFPROP or CoolProp database


ssc_newCreate new Simscape model populated by required and commonly used blocks

Physical Units

pm_adddimensionAdds new dimension to unit registry
pm_addunitAdd new unit to unit registry
pm_getdimensionsGet information about all dimensions in unit registry
pm_getunitsGet information about all units in unit registry

Desktop Simulation

Variable Initialization

simscape.op.createCreate operating point by extracting data from model or from logged simulation data
simscape.op.OperatingPointOperating point object containing hierarchical target data for variable initialization
simscape.op.TargetVariable initialization target object
setAdd or update element of operating point
getAccess element of operating point data tree
relativePathGet path to node associated with block or subsystem
hasPathDetermine whether operating point data contains element at specified path
removeRemove element from operating point
moveMove element from one path to another
mergeCreate operating point by merging data from two operating points
hasPrivateDataDetermine whether operating point data contains private data elements
removePrivateDataRemove private data elements from operating point

Trimming and Linearization

simscape.findNonlinearBlocksCheck model for blocks with nonlinear equations

Data Logging

simscape.logging.exportSave logged simulation data in HDF5 file
simscape.logging.importCreate simulation log variable to access data in HDF5 file
simscape.logging.plotPlot logged simulation data for node or series
simscape.logging.plotxyPlot logged simulation data for one node or series against another
simscape.logging.sli.findNodeFind Node object corresponding to block or subsystem
simscape.logging.sli.findPathFind path to node in logged simulation data tree
sscexploreOpen Simscape Results Explorer to interact with logged simulation data
sscprintzcsPrint zero crossing information for logged simulation data
simscape.logging.NodeRepresent hierarchy tree for simulation data
simscape.logging.SeriesRepresent time-value series for simulation data


Composite Components

subsystem2sscConvert subsystem containing Simscape blocks into equivalent Simscape file or files

Simscape File Deployment

ssc_buildBuild custom library from collection of Simscape files
ssc_mirrorCreate protected mirror of library of Simscape files
ssc_protectGenerate Simscape protected files from source files
sl_postprocessMake postprocessing customizations when building custom block library
ssc_cleanClean all derived files generated by library build process
ssc_updateUpdate Simscape component files to use new syntax
simscape.dependency.fileCheck dependencies for single file
simscape.dependency.libCheck dependencies for library package
simscape.dependency.modelCheck dependencies for model
subsystem2sscConvert subsystem containing Simscape blocks into equivalent Simscape file or files