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Language Syntax in Simscape - By Category

Alphabetical List By Category


Custom Components

componentComponent model keywords
inputsDefine component inputs, that is, Physical Signal input ports of block
nodesDefine component nodes, that is, conserving ports of block
outputsDefine component outputs, that is, Physical Signal output ports of block
parametersSpecify component parameters
variablesDefine domain or component variables
setupPrepare component for simulation
branchesEstablish relationship between component Through variables and nodes

Component Equations

assertProgram customized run-time errors and warnings
delayReturn past value of operand
derReturn time derivative of operand
equationsDefine component equations
functionReuse expressions in component equations and in member declarations of domains and components
integPerform time integration of expression
intermediatesDefine intermediate terms for use in equations
tablelookupReturn value based on interpolating set of data points
timeAccess global simulation time
valueConvert variable or parameter to unitless value with specified unit conversion

Discrete Events and Mode Charts

eventsModel discrete events
edgeTrigger event
initialeventInitialize event variables
modechartsDeclare mode charts that include operating modes and transitions
modesDeclare operating modes in mode chart
transitionsDefine transitions between modes in mode chart
initialSpecify initial mode in mode chart

Composite Components

componentsDeclare member components included in composite component
connectConnect two or more component ports of the same type
connectionsDefine connections for member component ports in composite component
importImport model classes

Custom Domains

domainDomain model keywords
parametersSpecify component parameters
variablesDefine domain or component variables