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SPICE Passives

SPICE-compatible resistance and switches

Simscape Blocks

Current-Controlled SwitchCurrent-controlled switch with hysteresis
SPICE ResistorModel SPICE-compatible resistor
Voltage-Controlled SwitchVoltage-controlled switch with hysteresis


subcircuit2sscConvert SPICE subcircuit to custom Simscape components


Additional Parameterization Workflows

Additional ways to parameterize and validate your model such as using test harness, parameter tuning, or building an equivalent model.

Converting a SPICE Netlist to Simscape Blocks

Convert subcircuits defined in a SPICE netlist to equivalent Simscape™ blocks.

Parameterize an Exponential Diode from SPICE Netlist

Specify block parameters for an Exponential Diode to match the SPICE netlist data.