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Products Supported by DO Qualification Kit

The following table identifies the products that are supported in the DO Qualification Kit. You can use the information in the table to determine the products and standards that are supported for each release.

DO Qualification Kit Support for Standards

Supported ProductProduct ReleaseDO-178C Verification ToolDO-254 Verification Tool
Simulink® Check™ R2017b - R2023aYesYes
Simulink Coverage™ R2017b - R2023aYesYes
Requirements Toolbox™ R2019a -R2023aYesYes
Simulink Report Generator™ R2010b - R2023aYesYes
Simulink Model ComparisonR2017b - R2023aYesYes
Simulink Design Verifier™ R2017a - R2023aYes-
Simulink Test™ R2015b - R2023aYesYes
Simulink Code Inspector™ R2012a - R2023aYes-
Polyspace® Bug Finder™ R2013b - R2023aYes-
Polyspace Bug Finder Server™ R2019a - R2023aYes-
Polyspace Code Prover™ R2013b - R2023aYes-
Polyspace Code Prover Server R2019a - R2023aYes-
Polyspace TestR2023bYes-
Polyspace Client™ for C/C++ and Polyspace Server for C/C++R2009a+ - R2013aYes-
SystemTest™ R2009a+ - R2015aYes-
Simulink Verification and Validation™ R2009a+ - R2017aYes-
Simulink Requirements™R2019a -R2021bYesYes