Release Highlights

MATLAB Product Family

MATLAB: Live Editor support for MATLAB® commands with automated, contextual hints for arguments, property values, and alternative syntaxes

MATLAB: geobubble function for creating interactive maps with bubbles whose size and color vary with data values, and wordcloud function for displaying words at sizes based on frequency or other data

MATLAB: Code compatibility report to help update code to a newer MATLAB release

MATLAB: binscatter, plot, and scatter functions for visualizing out-of-memory data in tall arrays

MATLAB: MATLAB Engine API for running MATLAB code from C++ programs, and passing data between C++ programs and MATLAB using MATLAB Data Array

Text Analytics Toolbox: A new product for analyzing and modeling text data

Optimization Toolbox: Problem-based optimization using simple expressions to specify objectives and constraints

Database Toolbox: Database Explorer app to visually explore relational databases without knowing SQL

Database Toolbox: Database Toolbox™ interface for MongoDB

Symbolic Math Toolbox: Unit systems to use physical dimensions, convert between SI and US units, and create custom systems of units

Model Predictive Control Toolbox: Approximate QP solution to determine worst-case execution time

Simulink Product Family

Simulink: Model differencing for comparing and merging differences between models including Stateflow® charts and MATLAB Function blocks

Simulink: Automatic project creation to convert a folder into a Simulink® Project

Simulink: Schedulable components for creating compositions of components for modeling scheduling effects in software environments

Simulink: Simulation Manager to monitor, inspect and visualize simulation progress and results, including parallel simulation runs

Stateflow: Ability to include continuous and periodic Simulink algorithms inside Stateflow states for easier mode switching

Stateflow: State transition activity and data value visualization with Sequence Viewer and Simulation Data Inspector

Stateflow: Transition syntax cues for easier creation of concise, readable diagrams with smart queues and actions, new temporal and message operators, and auto layout

Simulink Control Design: PID autotuning for implementing embedded PID autotuning algorithm

Simscape: Nominal value specification for improving simulation robustness by providing scale of variables to solver

Simscape: Operating point management to initialize models from saved operating points

Deep Learning

Neural Network Toolbox: Directed acyclic graph (DAG) networks for deep learning with more complex architectures to improve accuracy and use popular pretrained models

Neural Network Toolbox: Long short-term memory (LSTM) networks for deep learning for time-series classification and prediction

Neural Network Toolbox: Deep learning training plots for monitoring training progress for accuracy, loss, validation metrics, and more

Neural Network Toolbox: Deep learning image preprocessing for efficiently resizing and augmenting image data for training

Computer Vision System Toolbox: Semantic segmentation using deep learning to classify pixel regions in images and evaluate and visualize segmentation results

GPU Coder: A new product for generating CUDA® code for implementation on NVIDIA® GPUs for automated driving and other deep learning applications

Signal Processing and Communications

Antenna Toolbox: pbstack object for designing and analyzing custom PCB antennas with arbitrary metal-dielectric layers, and generating Gerber files to fabricate printed antennas

Communications System Toolbox: Library for simulation of low rate wireless personal area networks technologies using ZigBee® protocol

Communications System Toolbox: Library for simulation of near field communication wireless technologies using NFC protocol

LTE System Toolbox: Modeling of physical layer algorithms for 5G channel coding, narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) links, and LTE V2X communication

LTE HDL Toolbox: A new product for modeling LTE communications subsystems for FPGAs and ASICs

Code Generation

Embedded Coder: AUTOSAR support to import AUTOSAR compositions, simulate diagnostic and memory services, and use queued send and receive messages

Fixed-Point Designer: Simplified Fixed-Point Tool for easy conversion of Simulink systems to fixed point

MATLAB Coder: C code generation for machine learning deployment including discriminant analysis classifier models, linear regression models, support vector machine (SVM) regression models, and ensembles of regression trees

Simulink Coder: C++ class generation from Simulink functions including initialize, reset, and terminate events

Simulink Desktop Real-Time: ThingSpeak™ IoT platform interface

GPU Coder: A new product for generating CUDA code for NVIDIA GPUs

Verification and Validation

Simulink Requirements: A new product for authoring, managing, and tracing requirements to models, generated code, and test cases

Simulink Check: A new product for verifying compliance with style guidelines and modeling standards

Simulink Coverage: A new product for measuring test coverage in models and generated code

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