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Data Export

Touchstone data files, AMP files, Verilog-A modules

The RF domain uses many types of data files including industry-standard Touchstone files (.s2p) and AMP files, a MathWorks® nonlinear file format. You can write data into these files using several different RF Toolbox™ functions.

You can also export a network to Verilog-A format for use as a test environment in an analog circuit simulator. See Export a Verilog-A Model.


RF Toolbox does not support Touchstone 2.0 files.


rfwriteWrite RF network data to Touchstone file
getdataData object containing analyzed result of specified circuit object
writeWrite RF data from circuit or data object to file
writevaWrite Verilog-A description of rational function object

Examples and How To

Export Component Data to a File

Explains how to export RF object data to industry-standard data files and MathWorks AMP files.

Export a Verilog-A Model

Describes how to export a Verilog-A description of an RF component by using a rational function model.

Export RF Objects

Describes exporting RF circuit objects to a file or to the MATLAB® workspace.

Featured Examples