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RF Toolbox

Design, model, and analyze networks of RF components

RF Toolbox™ provides functions, objects, and apps for designing, modeling, analyzing, and visualizing networks of radio frequency (RF) components. You can use RF Toolbox for wireless communications, radar, and signal integrity projects.

With RF Toolbox you can build networks of RF components such as filters, transmission lines, amplifiers, and mixers. Components can be specified using measurement data, network parameters, or physical properties. You can calculate S-parameters, convert among S, Y, Z, ABCD, h, g, and T network parameters, and visualize RF data using rectangular and polar plots and Smith® Charts.

The RF Budget Analyzer app lets you analyze transmitters and receivers in terms of noise figure, gain, and IP3. You can generate RF Blockset™ testbenches and validate analytical results against circuit envelope simulations.

Using the rational function fitting method, you can build models of backplanes and interconnects, and export them as Simulink® blocks or as Verilog-A modules for SerDes design.

RF Toolbox provides functions to manipulate and automate RF measurement data analysis, including de-embedding, enforcing passivity, and computing group delay.

Getting Started

Learn the basics of RF Toolbox

Data Import

Touchstone data files, network parameter data entry, AMP files

Network Parameter Conversion

S-parameters; T, Y, Z, ABCD, hybrid, and hybrid-g parameters; common-mode, cross-mode, and differential-mode S-parameters

RF Network Construction

Networks of circuit objects, ladder filters, transmission lines

RF Analysis

Reflection coefficients, de-embedding, transfer functions, rational function fitting, VSWR, stability factors, passivity


Smith Charts, network parameter plots, data display

Data Export

Touchstone data files, AMP files, Verilog-A modules