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RF Network Construction

Networks of circuit objects, ladder filters, transmission lines

Use these RF Toolbox™ classes and functions to define RF network components and connect them in series, parallel, cascade, hybrid, and inverse hybrid configurations. Then you can use these networks to perform additional RF analysis.

Alternatively, use classes such as capacitor , inductor, and resistor to create arbitrary networks and calculate the S-parameters and group delay.


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amplifierAmplifier object
resistorResistor object
capacitorCapacitor object
inductorInductor object
lcladderLC ladder object
nportCreate linear n-port circuit element
circuitCircuit object
modulatorModulator object
rfchainCreate rfchain object
rfelementGeneric RF element object
rffilterCreate RF filter object
OpenIFFind open intermediate frequencies (IFs) in multiband transmitter or receiver architecture
rfckt.amplifierRF Amplifier
rfckt.cascadeCascaded network
rfckt.coaxialCoaxial transmission line
rfckt.cpwCoplanar waveguide transmission line
rfckt.datafileComponent or network from file data
rfckt.delayDelay line
rfckt.hybridHybrid connected network
rfckt.hybridgInverse hybrid connected network
rfckt.mixer2-port representation of RF mixer and its local oscillator
rfckt.passivePassive component or network
rfckt.microstripMicrostrip transmission line
rfckt.parallelParallel connected network
rfckt.parallelplateParallel-plate transmission line
rfckt.rlcglinePassive component or network
rfckt.seriesSeries connected network
rfckt.seriesrlcSeries RLC component
rfckt.shuntrlcShunt RLC component
rfckt.twowireTwo-wire transmission line
rfckt.txlineGeneral transmission line
rfckt.lcbandpasspiBandpass pi filter
rfckt.lcbandpassteeBandpass tee filter
rfckt.lcbandstoppiBandstop pi filter
rfckt.lcbandstopteeBandstop tee filter
rfckt.lchighpasspiHighpass pi filter
rfckt.lchighpassteeHighpass tee filter
rfckt.lclowpasspiLowpass pi filter
rfckt.lclowpassteeLowpass tee filter


copyCopy circuit or data object
cascadesparamsCombine S-parameters to form cascaded network
addInsert circuit element or circuit object into circuit
setportsSet ports of circuit object
setterminalsSet terminals of circuit object
cloneCreate copy of existing circuit element or circuit object


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