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List valid formats for specified circuit object parameter


list = listformat(h,'parameter')


list = listformat(h,'parameter') lists the allowable formats for the specified network parameter. The first listed format is the default format for the specified parameter.

In these lists, 'Abs' and 'Mag' are the same as 'Magnitude (linear)', and 'Angle' is the same as 'Angle (degrees)'.

When you plot phase information as a function of frequency, RF Toolbox™ software unwraps the phase data using the MATLAB® unwrap function. The resulting plot is only meaningful if the phase data varies smoothly as a function of frequency, as described in the unwrap reference page. If your data does not meet this requirement, you must obtain data on a finer frequency grid.

Use the listparam method to get the valid parameters of a circuit object.


Before calling listformat, you must use the analyze method to perform a frequency domain analysis for the circuit object.


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List the available formats of analysis of a transmission line.

trl = rfckt.txline;
f = [1e9:1.0e7:3e9];
ans = 11x1 cell array
    {'dB'                  }
    {'Magnitude (decibels)'}
    {'Abs'                 }
    {'Mag'                 }
    {'Magnitude (linear)'  }
    {'Angle'               }
    {'Angle (degrees)'     }
    {'Angle (radians)'     }
    {'Real'                }
    {'Imag'                }
    {'Imaginary'           }

Introduced before R2006a