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Isospectral optimization of a measuredFilter object

Since R2024a


    [CouplingMatrix, Convergence] = optimize(OBJ,options) performs an isospectral flow method on a measuredFilter object to optimize and reconfigure the coupling matrix.

    Input Arguments

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    OBJ is a measuredFilter object.

    Available options:

    • Rotation is the reference matrix. The default reference matrix is computed based on the number of resonators in the filter.

    • StepSize is the step size. The default step size is 0.125.

    • NumIterations is the number of iterations to be used in the optimization process. The default number of iterations is 2500.

    Output Arguments

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    Isospectral optimization of measuredFilter object.

    • CouplingMatrix is the reconfigured coupling matrix

    • Convergence is the convergence of the isospectral flow method

    Version History

    Introduced in R2024a