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Extract lowpass admittance residues and poles of a measuredFilter object

Since R2024a


    [ResidueY11, ResidueY12, ResidueY21, ResidueY22, LowPassPoles] = residue(OBJ) extracts lowpass admittance poles and residues of measuredFilterobject in a tabular form

    Input Arguments

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    measuredFilter object.

    Data Types: measuredFilter object

    Output Arguments

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    Values of extracted lowpass admittance poles and residues of a measuredFilter object:

    • ResidueY11 - Y11 residue

    • ResidueY12 - Y12 residue

    • ResidueY21 - Y21 residue

    • ResidueY22 - Y22 residue

    • LowPassPoles - low pass admittance poles

    Version History

    Introduced in R2024a