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Road Tools

Create and modify roads and their attributes

Road tools are used to create and modify roads and their attributes.

Road Plan Tool buttonRoad Circle Tool buttonCross Section Tool buttonRoad Height Tool buttonRoad Chop Tool buttonRoad Construction Tool buttonRoad Speed Limits Tool buttonSlip Road Tool buttonRoad Offset Tool button


Road Plan Tool

Create and lay out roads.

Road Circle Tool

Build a closed circular loop based on the currently selected road style.

Cross Section Tool

Edit the shape of the road cross section in order to manipulate super-elevation (banking), crowning, curb shapes, and sidewalk heights.

Road Height Tool

Manipulate the vertical profile of roads.

Road Chop Tool

Chop a single road into two connected roads.

Road Construction Tool

Specify how a section of road is physically constructed.

Road Speed Limits Tool

Set speed limits along spans of a road.

Slip Road Tool

Create onramps, offramps, and road splits.

Road Offset Tool

Adjust the connection between two end-to-end roads.