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Road Superelevation Tool

Adjust superelevation (slope and banking angle) for full width of road


The Road Superelevation Tool enables you to adjust the superelevation (slope and banking angle) for the full width of a road at specified distances. To modify the slope or banking angle at specified cross-sections of a road, use the Cross Section Tool instead.

Open the Road Superelevation Tool

On the RoadRunner toolbar, click the Road Superelevation Tool button:

Road Superelevation Tool button


Adjust Banking Angle Along Road

  1. Open the FourWayStop.rrscene scene, which is one of the prebuilt scenes that is included with newly created RoadRunner projects. Zoom in on the scene and rotate the camera to view the scene at an angle. All roads in this scene are flat.

    RoadRunner scene containing a four-way intersection with stop signs

  2. Click the Road Superelevation Tool button.

  3. Click to select one of the roads. Then, in the Attributes pane, set the Angle attribute to 10 degrees. The banking angle of the road increases by 10 degrees along the length of the road.

    Road with banking angle applied

  4. Right-click at a point along the road to add a superelevation node. The node appears as a red bar across the width of the road, with smaller green tangent nodes for adjusting the slope at this node. To adjust the position of the superelevation node along the road, click and drag the red bar.

    Road with superelevation node selected

  5. In the Attributes pane, decrease the Angle value of the selected node from 10 to 5. The road now has a banking angle of 5 degrees at this node. RoadRunner interpolates the banking angle between nodes. Because the entire road previously had a banking angle of 10 degrees, the banking angle now gradually increases from 5 degrees at this node to 10 degrees at the road edges.

    Road with reduced superelevation


AngleSuperelevation angle, in degrees, specified as a real scalar. Angle is clockwise-positive relative to the direction in which the road was created. You can specify the superelevation angle of the entire road or at superelevation nodes along the road.
DistancePosition of superelevation node along the road, in meters, specified as a nonnegative real scalar. Distance is relative to the edge of the road that was created first.
SlopeSlope of superelevation node tangent, in degrees per meter, specified as a real scalar.
Introduced in R2021a