Execute loop at fixed frequency


The robotics.ros.Rate object uses the robotics.Rate superclass to inherit most of its properties and methods. The main difference is that robotics.ros.Rate uses the ROS node as a source for time information. Therefore, it can use the ROS simulation or wall clock time (see the IsSimulationTime property).

If rosinit creates a ROS master in MATLAB®, the global node uses wall clock time.

The performance of the ros.Rate object and the ability to maintain the DesiredRate value depends on the publishing of the clock information in ROS.


The scheduling resolution of your operating system and the level of other system activity can affect rate execution accuracy. As a result, accurate rate timing is limited to 100 Hz for execution of MATLAB code. To improve performance and execution speeds, use code generation.



rate = rosrate(desiredRate)
rate = robotics.ros.Rate(node,desiredRate)



rate = rosrate(desiredRate) creates a robotics.ros.Rate object, which enables you to execute a loop at a fixed frequency, DesiredRate. The time source is linked to the time source of the global ROS node, which requires you to connect MATLAB to a ROS network using rosinit.


rate = robotics.ros.Rate(node,desiredRate) creates a Rate object that operates loops at a fixed rate based on the time source linked to the specified ROS node, node.


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Desired execution rate of loop, specified as a scalar in Hz. When using waitfor, the loop operates every DesiredRate seconds, unless the loop takes longer. It then begins the next loop based on the specified OverRunAction.

Desired time period between executions, specified as a scalar in seconds. This property is equal to the inverse of DesiredRate.

Elapsed time since construction or reset, specified as a scalar in seconds.

Elapsed time between last two calls to waitfor, specified as a scalar. By default, LastPeriod is set to NaN until waitfor is called for the first time. After the first call, LastPeriod equals TotalElapsedTime.

Method for handling overruns, specified as one of these character vectors:

  • 'drop' — waits until the next time interval equal to a multiple of DesiredPeriod

  • 'slip' — immediately executes the loop again

Each code section calls waitfor at the end of execution.

Indicator if simulation or wall clock time is used, returned as true or false. If true, the Rate object is using the ROS simulation time to regulate the rate of loop execution.

Object Functions

waitforPause code execution to achieve desired execution rate
statisticsStatistics of past execution periods
resetReset Rate object


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Initialize the ROS master and node.

Initializing ROS master on http://bat800610glnxa64:41803/.
Initializing global node /matlab_global_node_19087 with NodeURI http://bat800610glnxa64:46069/

Create a rate object that runs at 1 Hz.

r = rosrate(1);

Start loop that prints iteration and time elapsed. Use waitfor to pause the loop until the next time interval. Reset r prior to the loop execution. Notice that each iteration executes at a 1-second interval.

for i = 1:10
	time = r.TotalElapsedTime;
	fprintf('Iteration: %d - Time Elapsed: %f\n',i,time)
Iteration: 1 - Time Elapsed: 0.010572
Iteration: 2 - Time Elapsed: 1.029639
Iteration: 3 - Time Elapsed: 2.015977
Iteration: 4 - Time Elapsed: 3.006077
Iteration: 5 - Time Elapsed: 4.011035
Iteration: 6 - Time Elapsed: 5.019578
Iteration: 7 - Time Elapsed: 6.004195
Iteration: 8 - Time Elapsed: 7.008239
Iteration: 9 - Time Elapsed: 8.005538
Iteration: 10 - Time Elapsed: 9.014444

Shut down the ROS network.

Shutting down global node /matlab_global_node_19087 with NodeURI http://bat800610glnxa64:46069/
Shutting down ROS master on http://bat800610glnxa64:41803/.

Initialize the ROS master and node.

Initializing ROS master on http://bat584004glnxa64:35003/.
Initializing global node /matlab_global_node_88779 with NodeURI http://bat584004glnxa64:44751/
node = robotics.ros.Node('/testTime');
Using Master URI http://localhost:35003 from the global node to connect to the ROS master.

Create a ros.Rate object running at 20 Hz.

r = robotics.ros.Rate(node,20);

Reset the object to restart the timer and run the loop for 30 iterations. Insert code you want to run in the loop before calling waitfor.

for i = 1:30
	% User code goes here.

Shutdown ROS node.

Shutting down global node /matlab_global_node_88779 with NodeURI http://bat584004glnxa64:44751/
Shutting down ROS master on http://bat584004glnxa64:35003/.

Introduced in R2016a