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Verify Connection to Kinova Gen 3 Robot

Perform these steps to verify connection from the host computer to Kinova® Gen3 robot using MATLAB®:

  1. Ensure that the robot is connected to the host computer and the network adapter is configured. For details, see Set Up Network Adapter and Basic Network Ping. Identify the IP Address of the robot.

  2. Verify the network connection with the robot.

    To do this, use the system command at the MATLAB prompt to test network connectivity with the robot (assume that the IP address is ''):

    IP = ‘’;
    system(['ping ' IP],'-echo');  

    If the network adapter is configured correctly, you should receive a reply from the robot in response to the ping command. If you do not receive a reply, refer to Set Up Network Adapter and Basic Network Ping or Troubleshooting Manipulator Support Package.