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Compile a Report Program

If the MATLAB® Compiler™ product is installed on your system, you can compile your DOM and Report API generation programs. Then, you can share the compiled programs with others who do not have a licensed copy of MATLAB.

To enable execution of your compiled program on a system that does not have a licensed copy of MATLAB, you must include makeDOMCompilable() before the first line of DOM or Report API code. For example:


import mlreportgen.dom.*

d = Document("output","pdf");
append(d,Text("Hello World"));


To enable execution of a compiled MATLAB API for PowerPoint® (PPT API) program, use makePPTCompilable() instead of makeDOMCompilable().

To compile a report generation program, use the mcc (MATLAB Compiler) function or the Application Compiler (MATLAB Compiler) app.

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