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Class: slreportgen.finder.DiagramElementResult
Package: slreportgen.finder

Get diagram element reporter


reporter = getReporter(result)


reporter = getReporter(result) returns a reporter that generates a properties table for the diagram element returned in this result. A report or reporter to which a diagram element result is added invokes this method to generate a properties table for the element in the result. If you need to customize a properties table, you can invoke this method to get the properties reporter. Then, modify the reporter and add the modified properties reporter to the target report or reporter.

Input Arguments

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Diagram element result object, specified as an slreportgen.finder.DiagramElementResult object.

Output Arguments

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Diagram element reporter object, returned as one of these values:

  • Block-specific reporter object, when the diagram element is a block and the Report API includes a reporter for the block. For example, the getReporter method returns an object when the search result represents a DocBlock block.

  • An object for all other blocks and block diagram elements.

  • An object for Stateflow® chart elements.

Introduced in R2017b