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System target file

File that controls code generation stage of build process

Model Configuration Pane: Code Generation


The System target file parameter specifies the file that controls the code generation stage of the build process. The file:

  • Defines variables that are used during the build process.

  • Provides the main entry point to the TLC program that generates code.

  • Defines information that appears in the System Target File Browser.

  • Defines model configuration parameters that specify code generation and build process information for a specific target environment.

  • Provides a mechanism for inheriting parameter definitions from another system target file.


grt.tlc (default)


Specifies the system target file to use for code generation. You can specify the system target file in these ways:

  • Use the System Target File Browser. Click Browse, which lets you select a preset target configuration consisting of a system target file, template makefile, and make command.

  • Enter the name of a system target file in this field.


  • The System Target File Browser lists system target files found on the MATLAB® path. Some system target files require additional licensed products.

  • Using ERT-based system target files such as ert.tlc to generate code requires an Embedded Coder® license.

  • When you switch from a system target file that is not ERT-based to a file that is ERT-based, the configuration parameter Default parameter behavior sets to Inlined by default. However, you can change the setting of Default parameter behavior later. For more information, see Default parameter behavior.

  • To configure your model for rapid simulation, select rsim.tlc.

  • To configure your model for Simulink® Real-Time™, select speedgoat.tlc.

Recommended Settings

DebuggingNo impact
TraceabilityNo impact
EfficiencyNo impact
Safety precautionNo impact
ERT based (requires Embedded Coder license)

Programmatic Use

Parameter: SystemTargetFile
Type: character vector
Value: valid system target file
Default: 'grt.tlc'

Version History

Introduced in R2006a