Digital Filter Design

FIR, IIR, windowing, equiripple, least squares, Butterworth, Chebyshev, elliptic, pulse shaping

Design digital filters using as a starting point a set of specifications (designfilt) or a design algorithm (butter, fir1). Generate FIR differentiators and Hilbert filters.


designfilt Design digital filters
digitalFilter Digital filter
info Information about digital filter
butter Butterworth filter design
buttord Butterworth filter order and cutoff frequency
cheby1 Chebyshev Type I filter design
cheb1ord Chebyshev Type I filter order
cheby2 Chebyshev Type II filter design
cheb2ord Chebyshev Type II filter order
ellip Elliptic filter design
ellipord Minimum order for elliptic filters
polyscale Scale roots of polynomial
polystab Stabilize polynomial
yulewalk Recursive digital filter design
cfirpm Complex and nonlinear-phase equiripple FIR filter design
fir1 Window-based FIR filter design
fir2 Frequency sampling-based FIR filter design
fircls Constrained-least-squares FIR multiband filter design
fircls1 Constrained-least-squares linear-phase FIR lowpass and highpass filter design
firls Least-squares linear-phase FIR filter design
firpm Parks-McClellan optimal FIR filter design
firpmord Parks-McClellan optimal FIR filter order estimation
gaussdesign Gaussian FIR pulse-shaping filter design
intfilt Interpolation FIR filter design
kaiserord Kaiser window FIR filter design estimation parameters
maxflat Generalized digital Butterworth filter design
rcosdesign Raised cosine FIR pulse-shaping filter design
sgolay Savitzky-Golay filter design
fdatool Open Filter Design and Analysis Tool
fvtool Open Filter Visualization Tool
sptool Open interactive digital signal processing tool
bilinear Bilinear transformation method for analog-to-digital filter conversion
double Cast coefficients of digital filter to double precision
dspfwiz Open FDATool Realize Model panel to create Simulink filter block
filt2block Generate Simulink filter block
impinvar Impulse invariance method for analog-to-digital filter conversion
isdouble Determine if digital filter coefficients are double precision
issingle Determine if digital filter coefficients are single precision
single Cast coefficients of digital filter to single precision

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