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Linear Predictive Coding

LPC, Levinson-Durbin recursion

Extract linear predictive coefficients and reflection coefficients. Apply the Levinson-Durbin recursion.


corrmtx Data matrix for autocorrelation matrix estimation
levinson Levinson-Durbin recursion
lpc Linear prediction filter coefficients
rlevinson Reverse Levinson-Durbin recursion
schurrc Compute reflection coefficients from autocorrelation sequence
xcorr Cross-correlation
xcov Cross-covariance
ac2poly Convert autocorrelation sequence to prediction polynomial
ac2rc Convert autocorrelation sequence to reflection coefficients
is2rc Convert inverse sine parameters to reflection coefficients
lar2rc Convert log area ratio parameters to reflection coefficients
lsf2poly Convert line spectral frequencies to prediction filter coefficients
poly2ac Convert prediction filter polynomial to autocorrelation sequence
poly2lsf Convert prediction filter coefficients to line spectral frequencies
poly2rc Convert prediction filter polynomial to reflection coefficients
rc2ac Convert reflection coefficients to autocorrelation sequence
rc2is Convert reflection coefficients to inverse sine parameters
rc2lar Convert reflection coefficients to log area ratio parameters
rc2poly Convert reflection coefficients to prediction filter polynomial


Linear Prediction and Autoregressive Modeling

Compare two methods for determining the parameters of a linear filter: autoregressive modeling and linear prediction.

Formant Estimation with LPC Coefficients

Estimate vowel formant frequencies using linear predictive coding.

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