Gaussian monopulse


y = gmonopuls(t,fc)
tc = gmonopuls('cutoff',fc)


y = gmonopuls(t,fc) returns samples of the unity-amplitude Gaussian monopulse with center frequency fc (in hertz) at the times indicated in array t. By default, fc = 1000 Hz.

tc = gmonopuls('cutoff',fc) returns the time duration between the maximum and minimum amplitudes of the pulse.


Example 1

Plot a 2 GHz Gaussian monopulse sampled at a rate of 100 GHz:

fc = 2E9; fs=100E9;
tc = gmonopuls('cutoff',fc);
t  = -2*tc : 1/fs : 2*tc;
y = gmonopuls(t,fc); plot(t,y)

Example 2

Construct a pulse train from the monopulse of Example 1 using a spacing of 7.5 ns:

fc = 2E9;  fs=100E9;             % Center freq, sample freq
D = [2.5 10 17.5]' * 1e-9;       % Pulse delay times
tc = gmonopuls('cutoff',fc);     % Width of each pulse
t  = 0 : 1/fs : 150*tc;          % Signal evaluation time
yp = pulstran(t,D,@gmonopuls,fc);

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Default values are substituted for empty or omitted trailing input arguments.

Introduced before R2006a

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