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SimBiology Classes - Alphabetical List

Alphabetical List By Category
AbstractKineticLaw objectKinetic law information in library
addCompartmentAdd compartment to PKModelDesign object
boxplot(LeastSquaresResults,OptimResults,NLINResults)Create box plot showing the variation of estimated SimBiology model parameters
ci2tableReturn summary table of confidence interval results
Compartment objectOptions for compartments
CompileOptionsDimensional analysis and unit conversion options
ConfidenceIntervalObject containing confidence interval results
Configset objectSolver settings information for model simulation
constructConstruct SimBiology model from PKModelDesign object
CovariateModel objectDefine relationship between parameters and covariates
createDosesCreate dose objects from groupedData object
EstimatedInfo objectObject containing information about estimated model quantities
Event objectStore event information
fitted(LeastSquaresResults,OptimResults,NLINResults)Return simulation results of SimBiology model fitted using least-squares regression
getdose (model)Return SimBiology dose object
groupedData Table-like collection of data and metadata
KineticLaw objectKinetic law information for reaction
LeastSquaresResults objectResults object containing estimation results from least-squares regression
Model objectModel and component information
NLINResults objectEstimation results object, subclass of LeastSquaresResults
NLMEResults objectResults object containing estimation results from nonlinear mixed-effects modeling
OptimResults objectEstimation results object, subclass of LeastSquaresResults
Parameter objectParameter and scope information
ParameterConfidenceIntervalObject containing confidence interval results for estimated parameters
PKCompartment objectUsed by PKModelDesign to create SimBiology model
PKModelDesign objectHelper object to construct pharmacokinetic model
PKModelMap objectDefine SimBiology model components’ roles
plotPlot parameter confidence interval results
plotPlot confidence interval results for model predictions
plot(LeastSquaresResults,OptimResults,NLINResults)Compare simulation results to the training data, creating a time-course subplot for each group
plotActualVersusPredicted(LeastSquaresResults,OptimResults,NLINResults)Compare predictions to actual data, creating a subplot for each response
plotResidualDistribution(LeastSquaresResults,OptimResults,NLINResults)Plot the distribution of the residuals
plotResiduals(LeastSquaresResults,OptimResults,NLINResults)Plot residuals for each response, using time, group, or prediction as x-axis
predict(LeastSquaresResults,OptimResults,NLINResults)Simulate and evaluate fitted SimBiology model
PredictionConfidenceIntervalObject containing confidence interval results for model predictions
random(LeastSquaresResults,OptimResults,NLINResults)Simulate SimBiology model, adding variations by sampling error model
Reaction objectOptions for model reactions
RepeatDose objectDefine drug dosing protocol
Root objectHold models, unit libraries, and abstract kinetic law libraries
Rule objectHold rule for species and parameters
RuntimeOptionsOptions for logged species
ScheduleDose objectDefine drug dosing protocol
SensitivityAnalysisOptionsSpecify sensitivity analysis options
SimBiology.export.DoseExported SimBiology model dose object
SimBiology.export.ExplicitTauSimulationOptionsSettings for explicit tau-leaping solver of exported SimBiology model
SimBiology.export.ImplicitTauSimulationOptionsSettings for implicit tau-leaping stochastic simulation of exported SimBiology model
SimBiology.export.ModelExported SimBiology model object
SimBiology.export.Model.getdoseReturn exported SimBiology model dose object
SimBiology.export.Model.getIndexGet indices into ValueInfo and InitialValues properties
SimBiology.export.Model.isAcceleratedDetermine whether an exported SimBiology model is accelerated
SimBiology.export.ODESimulationOptionsSettings for deterministic, ordinary differential equation simulation of exported SimBiology model
SimBiology.export.RepeatDoseRepeated doses for exported SimBiology model
SimBiology.export.ScheduleDoseSchedule dose for exported SimBiology model
SimBiology.export.SimulationOptionsSimulation settings for exported SimBiology model
SimBiology.export.StochasticSimulationOptionsSettings for stochastic simulation of exported SimBiology model
SimBiology.export.ValueInfoModifiable species, compartments, or parameters in exported SimBiology model
SimData objectSimulation data storage
SimFunction objectFunction-like interface to execute SimBiology models
SimFunctionSensitivity objectSimFunctionSensitivity object, subclass of SimFunction object
SolverOptionsSpecify model solver options
Species objectOptions for compartment species
summary(LeastSquaresResults,OptimResults,NLINResults)Plot a summary figure that contains estimated values and estimation statistics
Unit objectHold information about user-defined unit
UnitPrefix objectHold information about user-defined unit prefix
Variant objectStore alternate component values