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Specify species and parameter outputs for sensitivity analysis


Outputs is a property of the SensitivityAnalysisOptions object. SensitivityAnalysisOptions is a property of the configuration set object.

Use Outputs to specify the species and parameters for which you want to compute sensitivities.

The SimBiology® software calculates sensitivities with respect to the values of the parameters and the initial amounts of the species specified in the Inputs property. When you simulate a model with SensitivityAnalysis enabled in the active configuration set object, sensitivity analysis returns the computed sensitivities of the species and parameters specified in Outputs. For a description of the output, see the SensitivityAnalysisOptions property description.


Applies toObject: SensitivityAnalysisOptions
Data type

Species or parameter object or array of objects


If a species or parameter object is determined by a repeated assignment rule, then you cannot use it as an Outputs property.

Data valuesSpecies or parameter object, or an array of objects. Default is [] (empty array).


This example shows how to set Outputs for sensitivity analysis.

  1. Import the radio decay model from the SimBiology demos.

    modelObj  = sbmlimport('radiodecay');
  2. Retrieve the configuration set object from modelObj.

    configsetObj = getconfigset(modelObj);
  3. Add a species to the Outputs property and display it. Use the sbioselect function to retrieve the species object from the model.

    speciesObj = sbioselect(modelObj, 'Type', 'species', 'Name', 'z');
    set(configsetObj.SensitivityAnalysisOptions,'Outputs', speciesObj);
    get(configsetObj.SensitivityAnalysisOptions, 'Outputs')
    SimBiology Species Array
    Index:  Compartment:  Name:  InitialAmount: InitialAmountUnits:
      1       unnamed      z        0              molecule